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Meet Vincent, a fluffy Maine Coon Cat Who Acts Like A Dog And Looks Like A Black Panther.

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We recently shared a story of Kefir, a huge fluffy cat. The animal went viral all over the internet due to its enormous size, melting the hearts of many people.

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We’d like to introduce you to yet another big guy today: Vincent. He’s a Maine coon cat from Russia, and he stands out not only for his size and bright eyes, but also for his black and silky fur, which resembles that of a black panther.

The adorable feline has a TikTok and Instagram account. On these two sites, he has over 500 thousand followers combined. The captivating kitty, accompanied by his owners, Andrey and Anastasia, enchants the feed with interesting videos and photographs that we find charming!

More info: Instagram | tiktok.com

Meet Andrey, Anastasia and their giant cat Vincent from Russia

The young couple got Vincent because they felt that something in their daily lives was missing

According to Andrey, it was too early for the two to think about a child, so they decided that a cat would be just right

The pair came upon a photo of Vincent on the Avito website, which functions similarly to eBay. “His muzzle seemed to be addressing us in the ad shot.”

“I observed a lot of people peering at Vincent the day we were taking him to his new home. The long torso and enormous head set it apart from other cat breeds, but it was the appearance that caught everyone’s attention initially. Many people have commented, “He looks like a human.”

Vincent is 11 months now and weighs around 20 pounds

Andrey shared that picking him up from the floor is already quite a difficult task

However, Vincent is expected to continue growing for another 1-2 years

Vincent’s owners noticed that the cat attracts a lot of attention so they created an Instagram and a TikTok accounts featuring photos and videos of Vincent

@vincent_blackpanther @stafanimoon ♬ оригинальный звук – Vincent

As of today, on both, TikTok and Instagram, accounts Vincent has more than 500 thousand followers


♬ оригинальный звук – Vincent

“The cat grew up as a hard-to-reach, graceful being that is always closely watching what we are doing, and at the same time sensitive to various forms of human pain”

“He always reacts very emotionally to our sneezes, shouting something in his own language in response”

As a closing remark, Andrey shared that it is not as easy to take care of Vincent as it might look so people should think carefully before buying or adopting a cat

Despite not being easy to take care of, Vincent is still a playful and adorable cat

@vincent_blackpanther #mainecoon #мейнкун #кот #мейнкуны #cute #милота ♬ оригинальный звук – Vincent



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