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Fatherhood Is Nailed by 30 Hilarious Dads (New Pics)

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If I had my way, I’d fill every shelf in every dad’s house with honors and awards. Emmys, Oscars, Nobel Prizes, Pulitzer Prizes, Booker Prizes, Grammys—it doesn’t matter; just give the dang medals and reward cups to the fathers who keep nailing it like it’s no big deal.

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From a father waiting 28 years to return a birthday card to his son, to a dad letting his toddler paint his toenails, to a dad enjoying a tea party with his toddler child, to a dad telling a dad joke (at the appropriate time and place), it’s safe to say the world won’t end as long as we have them.

#1 When Your Daughter Wants You To Join In Her Mermaid Photoshoot You Do Not Tell Her No

Desirae Deal Photography

#2 My Son’s First Day At School Today. I Handled It Really Well


#3 My Dad Was The Only One At The Office Today, So He Made This Picture And Sent It To My Family


Dad comedy has an almost subversive quality to it. It works almost anyplace and at any time, and it doesn’t have a secondary connotation that would give the joke an unwelcome aftertaste. The popularity of dad humor, which has now evolved into its own subgenre, mirrors the current comic trend.

According to comedian Paul Seven, humor nowadays is all about immediate enjoyment and without offending anyone. It implies that dad jokes include no social criticism, agenda, or political content, making them as impartial as possible. In a world where everything is social, political, and cultural, this is one of the safest cards to play if you want to have a good time without offending anyone.

#4 My Dad Recently Got A 3D Printer And Made A Stool Sample For His Doctor


#5 My Dad Got To Hold A 3-Week-Old Baby Goat Yesterday


#6 Daddio Is A Savagea


This is due to their reliance on puns. “It’s a genre that most kids are familiar with and can connect to, regardless of where they come from.” It needs no cultural understanding, societal trends, or international updates,” Seven explained.

Dads’ comedy is both foolish and cringe-worthy, yet it’s all too familiar. It provides us with a much-needed sense of homely comfort in a world when chaos and instability rule the television and media. Returning home to your high-school setup with your mom preparing banana bread downstairs and your father throwing jokes at whatever he wants is like coming home to your high-school setup. After all, this is why we adore our fathers, no matter how ill-advised their jokes may be.

#7 When You Just Want To Play Your Guitar But Your Dad Is That Guy From Pink Floyd


#8 Feels Bad


#9 My Dad Has Just Figured Out How To Use The Front Camera. This Is The First Picture He Sent


#10 So My Daughter Juist Bought A House That Was Buit In Late 1800’s. We Found This And She Threw It Out, I Got It Out Of The Trash And Let The Games Begin

#11 My Dad Is Adorable And His Bad Jokes Always Make Me Happy


#12 Cooper Leveled Up On Dog Ability


#13 My Parents Just Got Internet (Bialet Massé) And My Dad Is Already Showing Videos To The Neighbors


#14 Womb, There It Is


#15 Dad Of The Year


#16 I Promised My Daughter A Chocolate Cake If She Pooped On The Potty All By Herself. I Had To Pay Up


#17 My First And Newborn Son Is Jaundiced And Receiving Light Therapy. So As An Artist Turned Dad, I Made Sure He Let The Nurses Know How He Was Feeling Behind That Mask


#18 Working With Dad


#19 Put On My Dad Uniform Today And Began The Journey Of Fatherhood! I Had To Use My Dads Actual Shoes Cause My Wife Wouldn’t Let Me Buy Dad Shoes


#20 My Wife Doesn’t Want Our Newborn Son’s Face Posted On Social Media, So She Asked Me To Censor Over It. Needless To Say, I Won’t Be Asked To Do That Again


#21 My Son Was Shocked When He Saw Me With A Wig


#22 My Dad “Trying Out The Plot He Just Purchased”


#23 My Dad Wanted To Take A Nice Picture With A Waterfall In Yosemite


#24 Sometimes My Daughter’s Pad Falls Out Of Her Bra In The Laundry. Sometimes I Use It To Make My Dog Look Jewish


#25 I Told My Dad That I Bought The Game “Risk” And Wanted To Play It With Him. He Said He’d Never Played. I Show Up To His House And Find Him With Printed Out Battle Plans And Map Strategies


#26 My Dad Was So Proud Of The “Feetloaf” He Made For Halloween. I Think He Nailed It


#27 My Dad Told Me It Might Be Hard For Me To Find Him At The Airport Because He Looks So Much Different After Losing Weight


#28 Throwback To When My Mom Forgot To Submit My Senior Baby Ad For The Yearbook And Asked My Dad To Do It


#29 My Brother’s High School Math Teacher Assigned Parental Homework. My Dad Was Not Happy


#30 Dropped In On My Kids’ Zoom Classes – Payback For All The Interruptions To My Work Calls


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