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People are roasting these old Target dresses by taking hilarious photos of them (30 Pics)

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It’s a good bet that these floral farm dresses, which objectively look like the last thing you’d want to wear, are already sold out at Target stores throughout the country. It’s not because people’s fashion sense has been permanently harmed by spending extended amounts of time in quarantine (although that would be a reasonable explanation), but rather because the #TargetDressChallenge has gone viral.

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It all started when someone pointed out that a group of long skirts at Target resembled “people who recently lost their farm after locusts ate their crops,” but in a pandemic world. This is when things started to get interesting.

People dressed up as rural farm workers, aka Little House On the Prairie, and posted photos of themselves moving cattle, working the soil, and doing other traditional agricultural tasks. It quickly became a viral sensation, with entire families joining in for a much-needed chuckle.

Image credits: Lorca Damon

#1 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

#2 My Whole Family Thinks I’ve Completely Lost It (And Maybe I Have), But I Surely Hope This Makes Someone’s Day

Michaela Orme

When asked what they thought of the iconic Target clothing challenge, Bre said she first saw it on one of her farm or chicken-related Facebook groups. She’d seen the iconic prairie dress at the store before. “I took a double-take and thought to myself, ‘WTF?!?'”

“I showed my husband after I saw a husband participate, and he laughed just as hard as I did.” “He had a few eye rolls at first, but then hilarity ensued,” Bre explained.

#3 We Really Wanted A Holy Bible For The Shoot But Roads Are Bad And I Couldn’t Get One From The Dollar Tree

Jay Durham

I didn’t mind seeming cruel and insane, but Meliyah couldn’t stop giggling.
Lexi was in charge of the photography. She was unable to participate since she lacked a goal clothing.
Gilead isn’t going to take over this house any time soon!

#4 As Sexy As Robert Plant Wearing A Blouse In Concert. “Barefoot With A Chicken” And Showin’ A Little Skin. The Hat Doesn’t Match The Dress But The Coors Bottle Does

Carol Nall

He observed the dress hanging after it had been washed and came up with the concept alone, with no help from inspiration, booze, or pressure!

“There wasn’t much convincing once my 8- and 10-year-old boys saw the shoots and started egging him on,” Bre said when asked how she persuaded Matt to dress up for the task.

“He agreed to do it as a birthday present for my almost 10-year-old (we shot it on his birthday!) and off we went to Target!”

We didn’t think we’d find a dress for him because he’s 6’8″ tall and 300 pounds, and the XXL was a bit stretchy and fit like a glove,” Bre chuckled.

The gown was meant to be floor-length, but as she pointed out, “a little knee was visible.”

#5 No Chickens Were Harmed During This Photo Shoot

Cheri Lawrence Grovesteen

#6 From My Husband Matt, “We Have Been Seeing These Funny Target Dress Challenge Shoots, And She Gave Me That Look

Bre Bogert Photography

When she and our boys proposed it, I laughed at first, but then I thought to myself, ‘You know what!?This year has seen a lot of tragedy and extremely horrible things in the world, and my family has endured some major losses, so it’ll make my guys laugh, and maybe someone else as well. Plus, I enjoy shooting on our tiny farm and making my photographer wife happy, you know? When we’re done, the guys will learn to create pillows out of the dress fabric, so everyone wins. Why not, if you can make someone laugh or smile!'”

The pair stated that, like many of us, they had had some difficult moments in the previous year, with less laughing and a lot of social disruption.”My husband’s family had recently through a difficult period with the loss of loved ones, and once we understood how much joy and light-hearted fun this would offer, the deal was clinched.”

Half of the project had already been completed because Bre and Matt live on a farm with goats, chickens, bunnies, and dogs.Bre is also a professional photographer who operates the Bre Bogert Photography website.”With the exception of the outfit, we didn’t need a single ‘prop’—it was a given…”

#7 Journal Entry 324: Another Day In The Life On The Homestead While On Lockdown. Made Myself A New Apron And A Bonnet. Recently The Town Accused Me Of Witchcraft And Only Spared My Life Because They Believe I Can Conjure Up Some Cure For This Virus. At Least Now I Can Fly My Broom Around In Peace

Sayda Shanik Krasovec

#8 Cutie Pie And Her Chicky

Melissa Tomas

#9 When You’re Bored During A Pandemic And You Have The Best Boyfriend Model Ever

Danielle Elizabeth Photography

#10 Good Bye ’20, Fling That Sh*t Behind You

Fruition Acres

The response has been fantastic, aside from the first shock and hilarious laughing of family and friends.”We expected it to reach a few people outside of our poultry and farm organizations, but not as many as this!”

We’ve had a lot of nice notes about my gorgeous spouse (he’s taken, women, sorry! ), but the greatest ones have come from those who appreciate the comedy in these lonely times.”

#11 It’s Day 329 Of The Great Plague. The Target Mercantile Has Blessed Us With New Fabrics To Enhance Our Pandemic Fashion

Erin Kellar Stewart

Margaret took a chance by showing off that racy lace seam, in my opinion. After all, we’re farmwomen with modesty to spare. It is wicked to receive unwanted looks from males. Supplies were running out. We needed to go out and get some supper.

As our forefathers did, we trudged uphill in the snow both ways.

With her trusty 22 and her deadeye for shooting, Margaret was able to keep us safe. We were able to prepare a meal from an excellent goose that would feed the family for the next two weeks. We’ll milk the goats (sorry, they’re males) and make butter before feasting. Finally, our neighborhood gym allowed us to maintain our health and spirits via physical activity.

#12 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

#13 The Two Aught Two Aught Year Of Our Lord Hath Vexed Me

Thomas Henrich

I’m perplexed, I say. The ground has been salted, and the birds are refusing to lay eggs. Other worrisome symptoms include donkeys born without a tail. But Providence has left me with my lone sister in the poultry world. And we are adamant in our refusal to give in. So let the year two aught two one exhale its powerless embers. I’m ready to stand or squat.

#14 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

#15 Quarantine Day 329: Pa Said If This Winter Holds Out Much Longer He’ll Need To Butcher The Hog

Corrie Bubbico

I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t craving some fresh bacon.These grits aren’t cutting it, and eating in is no longer an option around here.

Bre and Matt received a lot of letters and comments from folks who hadn’t laughed this hard since the outbreak began.

“Some said it was just what they needed to see on a particularly difficult day, and they just wanted to thank us for bringing them joy.”

And it is this kind of positive response that makes a task like this worthwhile for Bre and Matt.

“My husband and I both believe that it’s a fantastic day if we can brighten someone’s day (even if it’s him in a dress with our hens or goats as the cause).”

#16 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

#17 Sometimes You Just Need A Snowy Day, A Good Friend To Agree To Shenanigans And Partake In A Good #targetdresschallenge

Brown Photography

In fact, several individuals were so taken with the model, named Matt, that they asked the pair whether he was single.”Other messages included requests to buy the dress (which we told them we’d turn into pillows to remember the shoot! ), as well as questions about chicken breeds.””There was one person who even inquired what sort of dog our goat was,” Bre said.

#18 Alright Y’all, Confession Time! Lol.. I Really Like The “Target Dress”.. And I Personally Think I Rocked It

Lindsay Bright

#19 My Poor Girls Are Terrified Of This Dress And Ran Away Screaming, So I Had To Substitute. Including An Earlier Photo That Shows I Do Indeed Have Chickens

Andy Fell

#20 Loggin’

Fruition Acres

In these bleak times, there’s something particularly amusing about the Target outfit challenge.”The locust joke that was going around about losing the farm made us laugh so hard.

We HAD TO TRY when we saw those dresses in person.”

“Seeing men, women, and children dress up in these gowns without a care in the world, hamming it up for the cameras, having fun with it—THAT is amusing,” Bre added.

“Genuine hilarity.”

Bre, a professional photographer, said that “75% of the images I took were unsteady because my boys and I were laughing so hard.”

#21 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

#22 Here I Come Bessie

Melissa Tomas

#23 Day 93 At The Wiggins Homestead: After Putting The Babies To Sleep I Gathered Wood And Finished Churning The Butter. After A Little Break, I Done A Little Work On The Farm And Climbed A Big Hill

Emily McCallie Wiggins

#24 Carin’ For Critters

Fruition Acres

#25 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

#26 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

#27 Target Dress

Jen Gessele

#28 This One’s In The Pot Tonight

Andrea McNair

#29 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

#30 Target Dress

Melissa Tomas

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