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People have hit the jackpot 50 times while thrifting and have had to brag about it in this online group (New Pics)

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It’s a new year, and one of the resolutions we made for ourselves was to rekindle our passions.For some of us, this means making more time for painting, writing, and boat construction.Others, on the other hand, recommit themselves to the noble quest of spectacular thrift shop finds.

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It’s an adventure in and of itself to scour thrift stores, garage sales, and secondhand shops for unusual treasures. You never know what gems you’ll find by chance. And it takes a seasoned pro to recognize true bargains.

The next thing you know, you’re back at home, proudly displaying your wares—from the fantastic to the bizarre—to anybody who will listen.

The r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, an online community with over 2 million members, is one of the sites where individuals show off their fantastic secondhand buys. Scroll down to see the greatest furniture, clothes, jewelry, and other trinkets that others have discovered, and upvote your favorites.

#1 Me: “How Much Are These? There’s No Price.” Lady: “$10 For Both”

Image source: tn2k7

#2 The Wedding Dress Of My Dreams (And In My Size) For $40 At Goodwill

Image source: baltering_magdalene

#3 Bought At My Local Small Town Thrift Store. I Love Him

Image source: padawanana

#4 When The Checker Asked Me What This Was, I Muttered That It’s For Making Coffee And Ran Away. $1200 La Pavoni Europiccola Espresso Maker For $6.50 At Goodwill. My Coffee Dreams Have Now Been Fulfilled

Image source: randomlybev

#5 Fffff-Forty Dollars You Say?!!! Drexler Mcm Walnut Bookcase

Image source: Avantgardeaclue13

#6 Internalized Homophobia And Misogyny I Thought I Had Long Ago Dealt With Has Always Kept Me From Exploring This Side Of Myself. Well, On My Last Thrift Run I Said To Hell With That, And When I Tell You I Have Never Felt So Elegant, I Mean That In A Heart Changing Way

Image source: tareqdaqtyl

#7 For Years I Was Always Tempted By Miniature Chairs At Thrift Shops, And Then One Day I Finally Bought Nine Of Them

Image source: damestillmen

#8 I Found Hundreds Of Love Letters Between A Sailor And His Wife During 1918 (Ww1). They Start Out As A Secret Couple, Then Marry After A Few Months! He Also Has The Mumps For A Bit

Image source: wilsoncommaadam

#9 It Finally Happened To Me. After Years Of Being Jealous Of People On Here For Finding Them. I’ve Finally Found My White Whale! For Ten Dollars

Image source: Skholla

#10 My Luck Has Truly Been Bananas. Broyhill Brasilia Set. Couple Bought A House, Previous Owner Left It, It “Wasn’t Their Style”, They Wanted It Out. $100 For The Set

Image source: thethriftgods

#11 I Found A Suit For My Son At A Yard Sale. $15.00

Image source: Frugallyspoilt

#12 Another Dress I Made From A Vintage Bedsheet I Found At The Bins, Aka Treasure Trove

Image source: PDXGhoulz

#13 My Mum Bought A Load Of Yarn From A Thrifters And Made This For Me! It’s So Good!

Image source: ltbluepoetry

#14 Cute Baby Side Table For $25!

Image source: llilsaladd

#15 Thrifted Nwt Couch From The Local Salvation Army. Couldn’t Believe My Luck!

Image source: carvjess

#16 Just Found This Beautiful Baldwin Organ. Works Perfectly, And Got It For Only 170$. My Biggest Thriftstore Haul Of All Time , I’ve Wanted One Forever!!

Image source: –georgie

#17 $50 For This Old Heavy Dresser And Mirror. I’m In Love

Image source: reddit.com

#18 My Husband And I Turned This Antique Fire Extinguisher He Got For Free From A Co-Worker Into A Side Table Using A Marble Top We Found At A Garage Sale For $1. Really Pleased With How This Turned Out!

Image source: mariac5353

#19 My Thrift Store Find. Emerald And Diamond 18k Gold Ring. $16

Image source: urmomspotaytoes

#20 Visited A Salvation Army For The First Time Yesterday And Picked Up This (Possibly Vintage?) Dress! It Was 25% Off So I Paid Less Than $5!

Image source: dumbblondecollegekid

#21 My Thrifting Has Peaked: Kitty Sweater With Hand Painted Fish Buttons!

Image source: thestrangerzone

#22 My Smoking Hot Duck I Found Today. I Did Not Even Know It Was An Incense Burner, I Just Loved Him

Image source: Dramatic_Walk8387

#23 The Most Amazing 2 Piece Vintage Set That I Just Thrifted For $10

Image source: zorlda_

#24 $15 Dollars At A Thrift Store.. It’s An Original! Holy Cow I Could Look At It Forever

Image source: RobotsSuck28

#25 I’ve Been Wanting A Piece Of Stained Glass And Found This

Image source: bored-as-shit

#26 I’m So Stoked On This $1.29 Find

Image source: teehizzlenizzle

#27 A $40 Thrifted Vintage Lace Wedding Dress. I’m Eloping In July And It Fits Perfectly!

Image source: ruzzti

#28 Found A Van Gogh Classics 4-PC Fine Bone China Mug Set For $7!

Image source: Cxtherines

#29 I Got This From Fb Marketplace , I Think He Likes It

Image source: ExtensionBad2629

#30 Thrifted This Rattan Etagere For $30!! Favorite Find So Far

Image source: ccaassssyy

#31 In Love With These These Gold Earrings!!

Image source: my-crooked-heart

#32 In 1978, My Mom Made A Ceramic Tree For My Grandma. When Grma Passed In 2001, My Uncles Gave It Away To Goodwill. In 2002, I Found It (Confirmed Marked On Bottom) At A Local Thrift, For $15

Image source: MinaFur

#33 Found At Local Goodwill: An Exact Copy Of The Sweater My Mom Has Owned For At Least A Couple Decades

Image source: reddit.com

#34 Well I Don’t Know How To Say This But I Bought A Bedroom Set At The Local Gallery And Didn’t Check The Drawers, After Moving It All Up 3 Flights Of Stairs I Found Photo Albums, Notes, Cards, And This Exorcism Kit

Image source: MetalandWoodworks

#35 My Thrifted Living Room!

Image source: M00nlightMajesty

#36 This Behemoth 80s Lotus Lamp Was A Literal Haul… Its Huge! Brass, Pink, 80s And Floral Are My Weaknesses

Image source: damestillmen

#37 5 Euro Strawberry Halter Dress Thrifted In Paris!

Image source: reddit.com

#38 I Love Lemon Print And Found This Gorgeous Dress At Goodwill For Less Than 5 Bucks

Image source: IfIWasYouIdWan2BeMe2

#39 $15 Vintage Dress At An Estate Sale That Fits Like A Glove. I’m Feeling Little Bo Peep Meets Gunne Sax Meets Pride & Prejudice!

Image source: cadencebella

#40 So Happy With This Goodwill Find! Nwt $50

Image source: reddit.com

#41 One Of My Most Cherished Thrifts To Date

Image source: BristolBoo07

#42 One Of My Very First Quirky Finds In 2022. A Beehive Shelving Unit

Image source: Odd_Veterinarian2805

#43 A Selection Of My Haul From Today!

Image source: Thecutflowersound

#44 Could Not Leave Bernie At The Thrift Store

Image source: TeaTimeAtThree

#45 Almost Died When My Husband Came Home With This Beautiful Piece Last Year From Goodwill!

Image source: Rebeccca1020

#46 You Guys. Look What’s Coming Home With Me Today! Nils Jonsson Troeds Lyon Credenza, Made In Sweden, $20. Needs A Lot Of Tlc But This Is My Dream Find!!!

Image source: Kittehhh

#47 Fully Thrifted Bedroom Dresser Set Up

Image source: buttholepatrol

#48 One Of My Favorite Finds In A While. 1970s Toucan Tea Set

Image source: Bubbletea_Panda

#49 Thrifted These Two Comfy Chairs For My Coffee Shop For $70 Total!!

Image source: sofia_alyssa

#50 Catch & Release But Now I Regret It

Image source: drippin_honey

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