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With hilarious costumes, a 95-year-old grandmother and her grandson prove that fun has no age limit (22 New Pics)

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It’s safe to assume that individuals of all ages across the world have a diverse range of interests.

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Sports, music, dancing, and sketching are just a few of the activities that we as humans never tire of, regardless of our age.

And what could be better than having only one person with the same passion as you?

It’s always wonderful to have friends or relatives who share your hobbies…

In this scenario, familial ties are quite important.

Ross Smith, a social media influencer and Youtuber, and his 95-year-old grandmother Pauline Kana, for example, have an uncommon passion.

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You might be wondering what kind of pastime I have.

Because they spend their time recording movies and taking goofy images together, the duo is the epitome of ‘partners in crime.’

That’s not all, though!

On major holidays such as the 4th of July, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and others, the grandson and grandma like dressing up as specific characters or wearing costumes.



Of course, this isn’t the first time Ross and Pauline have been on Bored Panda; go here to see more of their prior adventures!

The duo’s previous post was at the end of 2019, but they’re back to show off even more outfits this time, and we can’t complain.



Let’s face it, most of us would want to have a grandmother like this.

Could you imagine asking your grandmother to join you in wearing similar costumes?

In certain circumstances, we feel as though our grandmothers would either remark, “I’m too old for this!” or, “I’m too young for this!”

Someone would flatly deny such a ridiculous proposal (unless, of course, it’s Halloween).



But have any of us considered how much fun it would be to have a grandchild with all of those ideas?

Of course, it varies on the individual, but we’re confident that most of us would be happy to snap some fun photographs with our grandchildren when we’re older!
















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