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24 Photos That Demonstrate How Extremely Cold America Is Right Now

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Extreme weather events are becoming more prevalent, with records being broken in Australia during the recent heatwave, and now, at the other end of the spectrum, the polar vortex bearing down on the Midwest of the United States.

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The polar vortex is a high-altitude ring of strong winds that keeps extremely cold air trapped around the Arctic area.

It can sometimes move further south than typical, enveloping densely populated portions of North America, as it did this year.

Chigaco has been particularly heavily struck, with its typically windy position on Lake Michigan causing record-breaking wind chill levels.

With most of the Midwest under lockdown and residents advised to stay indoors, others braved the frigid conditions to capture spectacular photographs of the vortex’s influence on their daily lives.

This list prepared by Bored Panda will give you shivers simply by glancing at it, including everything from exploding toilets to ice haircuts!

#1 How Cold Is It In The Midwest? Bubbles Are Freezing

#2 What Happens When You Blow Bubbles In A Freezing Weather

#3 Meanwhile In Minnesota. The Tank Exploded

#4 My Brother Was On One Of The Few Flights Into Chicago This Morning. He Took This Photo Of Frozen Lake Michigan From The Plane

#5 It’s So Cold In Chicago They Set Commuter Train Tracks On Fire To Warm Them

#6 Trying To Make The Most Of This -40 F Weather

#7 Landlord Decided To Turn Down The Heat Today In My MN Apartment As It Reached -40°

#8 Meanwhile In Wisconsin

#9 Freezing Our Pants Off In Minnesota

#10 My God. We’ve Reached The Day After Tomorrow

#11 My Sister Opened Her Car Door In Chicago

#12 A Firefighter After Working In The -40° Polar Vortex

#13 Pray For The Homeless During This Time! Give To Your Local Shelters. Most Are At Full Capacity

#14 I Just Wanted To See How Long It Would Take For An Egg To Freeze Outside And Also What Would Become Of My Egg

#15 Letting My Car Heat Up During The Polar Vortex

#16 Going To Daycare When It’s -30 Outside

#17 Minnesota’s Officers

#18 When These Are The Inside Doors… You Know We Are Polar Vortexing

#19 We Had A House Fire South Of Cameron Today. Our Chief Mitch Hansen Thought It Was A Splash Park

#20 Polar Vortex (Temp. 16 F /-9 C)

#21 The Detroit River, Frozen All The Way To Canada

#22 Got So Cold Last Night That Our Vodka Froze! For Reference The Freezing Point For Vodka Is -16

#23 The Beauty The Cold Brings To South Dakota

#24 My Wall Is Freezing In My Bedroom. There Are No Pipes Behind It. Chicago

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  1. We live in Palatine and feel so sorry for the homeless! We are grateful for the ministry of places like the Pacific Garden Mission who help them!

  2. Keep inside and try to stay warm. incredible photos. Just like the movie Day after Tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t make its way to England.


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