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When designers put everyone’s patience to the test, there are 27 hilarious moments.

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Once upon a time, you happened to walk into a public lavatory and saw that it had a lovely view of the outside from which a large number of visitors could easily peer inside. Another occasion was when you bought new things that appeared to be secondhand or had an impossible-to-believe design. You had lost faith in your sight at this point. “WHYYYYYYYY” you said, puzzled as to Such instances seemed as if they were putting your patience to the test. Guys, take a deep breath and relax!! You are not the only one in the universe who has encountered these scenarios. We’ve compiled a collection of amusing images that people have come across in their lives. They’ll make you laugh out loud.

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#1. I can’t tell what color it is

Source: larpkitten

#2. Having style is an easy way to talk about complex things

Source: imgur.com

#3. Lay all your love on me

Source: jjquiceno

#4. Do you piss motor oil?

Source: Lord_H1D30U5

#5. This foldable chair on the bus but with a metal bar handle

Source: Lynthos00

#6. Beautiful toilet view

Source: Xemulated

#7. Toilet seat makes it looks like someone didn’t quite make it

Source: PanthermalUnderwear

#8. I get paid to build buildings not to move light poles.

Source: ShoutingBlackbird

#9. This weird door at the top of the stairs in a weird hotel

Source: AlephMartian

#10. A plate looks like a public toilet that hasn’t been cleaned in months

Source: barebasem

#11. “This shower at my Airbnb”

Source: daredelvis421

#12. Finally a realistic mannequin in a women’s lingerie storea

Source: Bukkake_Monster

#13. Not waste time to have the oversize mannequins by just stuffing some pillows over their bellies

Source: ljseminarist

#14. Love is…

Source: Thrift Store Oddities

#15. So… which way to open?

Source: emailthezac

#16. Yellow text on a yellow background that just hurts my eyes

Source: SexyScientistGirl

#17. So like … privacy is NOT the number one priority I guess?

Source: Helios_OW

#18. “I wish I could piss while seeing my friends walk down the halls, what a view! 5 stars!”

Source: A_Mother_fan

#19. “Can’t fit two USB adaptors for my USB-C-only Mac at the same time”

Source: iwonteatpickles

#20. Defective Pikachu

Source: EnderMax2106

#21. I can’t believe

Source: CummingOnMyPant

#22. “Tie Dye” design hoody just looks like grease splashes

Source: robgod50

#23. When you move an image in Microsoft Word

Source: coyotoka

#24. That’s how I broke my leg

Source: Dis-Man-8

#25. That must be Aquaman’s house

Source: PeeB4uGoToBed

#26. This isn’t a park bench. It’s a public grill!

Source: RocketSmash9000

#27. Toothbrush looks sad hanging out in that jacuzzi all alone

Source: Quasime


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