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15 Incredible Sculptures That Defy Gravity And Play Tricks With Your Mind

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Edgar Degas (1834–1917), a renowned French painter and sculptor, famously said that “art is not what you see, but what you make others perceive.” There is art beyond what our eyes can see. It both challenges and moves us in terms of our preconceptions and ideas. Through art, many impossibilities have been made possible. In order to successfully take advantage of the cues that people use to interpret their environment, an illusionist must manipulate the brain’s propensities to make assumptions about its surroundings.

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In light of that, today’s post presents a collection of puzzling sculptures from across the world that appear to defy explanation. Great artisans created these sculptures, which show the creative power of the mind and an artist’s ability to question received knowledge. Scroll down to see a number of sculptures that defy gravity. We bet you wouldn’t scroll down without pausing to take a closer look at each item.

#1. The Michael Jones sculpture by Jerzy Kdziora

Source: nataliestamilla

Natalie Stamilla produced the Sir Colin Meads bronze in Te Kuiti and the Sir Michael Jones bronze in Eden Park. She works as an artist in the present day in Auckland, New Zealand.

#2. Bruno Catalano’s “Les Voyageurs” in Marseille

Source: brunocatalano

Les Voyageurs (translated as “Travelers”), a collection of surrealistic bronze sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalano, has been on display at the Marseilles harbor since 2013. The 10 life-size sculptures depict human laborers who are missing essential components. What makes the works so striking is their tenuous support, which lends them a bizarre and ethereal aspect. On the official website of Bruno Catalano, you can see more sculptures from the “Travelers” series.

#3. Too late for assistance: Leandro Erlich’s window with ladder

Source: leandroerlich

#4. Lorenzo Quinn’s The Force Of Nature

Source: lorenzoquinn

The Force of Nature sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn depict a woman turning the world on its axis with a piece of fabric. A burst of wind forces the lady, who is likely Mother Nature, to aggressively hurl her clothing and hair behind her. Each piece gives off a powerful sense of motion and performs a stunning act of balancing between the Earthly sphere and its traveler.

#5. “Infra gravity” 2017-2018

Source: daniel_firman_studio

#6. Smaban Abbas’s Floating Stone

Source: talkingbeautifulstuff

#7. Robin Wight’s Wire Fairies

Source: fantasywire

#8. Jerzy Kędziora’s Balancing Sculptures

Source: jerzykedziora

#9. Monte-Meubles by Leandro Erlich The ultimate relocation

Source: leandroerlich

10. The Virgins of Apeldoorn by Elisabet Stienstra

Source: Elisabet Stienstra

#11. Anna Borgman’s And Candy Lenk’s Wurf VI

Source: borgmanlenk

#12. Emil Alzamora’s Albedo

Source: emilalzamora

#13. Gerry Judah’s Car Sculptures

Source: judah

#14. Johnson Tsang’s Coffee Kiss

Source: johnsontsang

#15. Menashe Kadishman’s Suspended

Source: artsy



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