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Artist Fanny Sandor creates small animals in a realistic and attractive way and they are fascinating (16 photos)

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Love animals but despise visiting zoos to admire their magnificence? Then you might consider helping tiny artist Fanni Sandor, who creates the most incredible small creatures! Sandor is a scientist who has worked on several wildlife protection initiatives. But these days, she spends her time making miniature animal reproductions. With the advent of her children, she was able to return to her first love, and here she is now!

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Sandor began making miniatures when she was just six years old. “I’ve always had a fondness for small things,” she explained. As life unfolded, her passion for small-scale animal miniatures had to take a backseat. Things meant for us, on the other hand, inevitably make their way back into our life.

“I first encountered professional miniaturists on the internet when I was in my twenties. I was really enthralled. I learned there are a lot of miniature fans all around the world, and some of them are talented artists that create miniatures. That was when I decided I wanted to be a professional miniaturist and create art with my creations.”

Hungarian miniaturist Fanni Sandor creates incredibly accurate miniature animals

She may have had to leave her hobby of making miniatures, but that didn’t mean she was utterly devoid of creativity. “I’m used to sketching, painting, and sculpting,” Sandro remarked, “so I have the fundamental abilities needed for this artform.” “I put in a lot of practice time until I was able to display my first new generation of tiny work to an audience.” My primary goal in my work is to create accurate and precise depictions.”

Sandor begins by gathering a large number of photographs of the species she wishes to sculpt in order to produce her remarkably realistic miniatures. “The sketching is really significant,” she continued, “because it makes it a lot simpler to sculpt if you do some study sketches of the topic.” Sandro then proceeds to create the sculpture after creating a research drawing. The miniaturist was gracious enough to share her procedure for creating these incredibly detailed miniatures, which takes a lot of time and materials. She clarified that,

“I utilize paper embossing tools and pin ending tools for sculpting.” After baking, I use my carving tools to add extra features to the sculpture. Painting is the next phase. For me, it’s critical that I paint the completed sculpture in great detail; yet, the fur or feather coat will hide the paint. Furring or feathering is the final phase. I use a strong adhesive to adhere the fibers or feathers to the body. Wire is used for the legs.”

Her miniature sculptures take some time to transform before becoming astoundingly life-like

With all of Sandro’s techniques and methods, it’s no surprise that her works take anything from 2 to 7 days to finish. After all, getting all of the details on a small figure correctly will take a lot of time! Her art is so impressive that she has over 28,000 Instagram followers. In addition to this accomplishment, Sandro’s Etsy shop has been recognized as a favorite by 2,466 customers!

The miniature sculptures are made in 1:12 scale

Sandro’s little animal designs will be the ideal gift for yourself as well as your loved ones. We’re half-heartedly considering commissioning a sculpture of our spirit animal… However, Sandro’s Etsy site is presently empty, indicating that she is taking a vacation (or working on a new collection?). We’ll keep an eye out for further information! We’ll happily look over her Instagram feed till then. Which of her projects drew your attention the most?

Source: Instagram | Etsy

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