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Artist Lucas Levitan Illustrates Funny And Thought-Provoking Depictions

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Lucas Levitan, a well-known multimedia artist of Brazilian descent, has made a name for himself with his avant-garde piece “Photo Invasion.” Currently living in Madrid, Levitan searches through Instagram’s archives to find odd images that he then creatively modifies. Every picture undergoes a metamorphosis that unveils a “hidden story” that has never been seen before.

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Audiences are still enthralled by Levitan’s most recent series because of its inventive and surprising turns. The artist infuses each work with his own originality and fun experimentation, hoping to engage the audience in a way that is both really “unique and memorable” in addition to providing entertainment. Through his artwork, Levitan transports viewers to a realm where the commonplace is transformed into the exceptional and where the possibilities for visual narrative are endlessly explored.

Explore the inspiration section below. For more incredible work, click the link to Lucas’s Instagram account.

You can find Lucas Levitan on the web: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter



I’m a multimedia artist from Brazil living in Madrid, and I love to experiment with different mediums to express myself. I’m always changing and looking for new ways to express myself, whether I’m working as an art director last year, taking pictures last month, or animating today. Taking cues from my surroundings, I enjoy using art to bring a lighthearted touch to reality. My aim is to push people to perceive the world in a different way by creating visually compelling photos by de-contextualizing everyday objects and settings.




Among my most well-known endeavors is Photo Invasion, in which I use images I snap of random people on social media and embellish them with my own illustrations to tell surreal and amusing tales. With art installations that have traveled from Brazil to Germany, the UK, America, and Spain, my artwork has been seen in many different nations. My desire to have fun and interact with my audience in a distinctive and memorable way is the driving force behind my creative process.


















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