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I Employed AI to Imagine These 25 Beloved Cartoon Characters in Real Life, Here’s What I Found

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With this list, I’ve tried to include a lot more of the most well-known cartoon characters ever developed in a fresh and expanded list. I’ve tried my hardest to comply. I’ll try my best to depict to you what figures like Flynn Rider, Lilo Pelekai, Homer Simpson, and many more would look like if they were miraculously turned into people (one may hope).

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The first installment of our project became viral thanks to all of you, and in just over a month, my Instagram account jumped from having 5,000 followers to 197,000. I have been involved in a fairly regular schedule of interviews over the last several days on a variety of media platforms, such as radio, television, and online, and I sincerely appreciate everything that has been done for me.

That being said, I hope you like this second installment of the project and I’ll talk to you in the section below the comments!

#01 Cinderella

#02 Homer Simpson

#03 Julieta Madrigal From Encanto

#04 Ursula From The Little Mermaid

#05 Pepa Madrigal From Encanto

#06 Mirabel Madrigal From Encanto

#07 Tiana From The Princess And The Frog

#08 Raya From Raya And The Last Dragon

#9 Flynn Rider From Tangled

#10 Joe Gardner From Soul

#11 Bruno Madrigal From Encanto

#12 Lilo Pelekai From Lilo & Stitch

#13 Princess Merida From Brave

#14 Marge Simpson

#15 Annabelle From The Conjuring

#16 Tarzan

#17 Belle From Beauty And The Beast

#18 He-Man From The Masters Of The Universe

#19 Hercules

#20 Peter Griffin From The Family Guy

#21 Maleficent

#22 Barbie

#23 Evil Queen From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

#24 Luisa Madrigal From Encanto

#25 Lisa Simpson



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