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I used artificial intelligence to see how these 33 historical and mythical figures might appear if they were modern-day people (New Pics)

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Many renowned people and mythological figures are shrouded in mystery by history’s patina.Because of the passage of time and the painters’ mastery, they all appear to be gods or demigods.It might be intimidating to compare yourself to them, and you seldom consider them to be ordinary people with ordinary needs.But they are, and I wanted to demonstrate this to you.But how else could I accomplish it if not using artificial intelligence, which is rather affordable these days and generates fantastic results?

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This isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this, and you can see how far I’ve come by reading the preceding post.Let me show you what I’ve done this time without further ado.I believe it demonstrates that they might be any of us, and we could be any of them.I hope this motivates you to achieve greatness today.Enjoy!

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#1 Matau Tathonca

The recreations of photographer and digital artist Bas Uterwijk (I, II, III) inspired me to start this series.He’s obviously a master of the medium, so I began by attempting to learn more from him and imitate his approach.When I last spoke with him, I was overjoyed to hear some nice comments!I’d also want to acknowledge Nathan Shipley’s works (I, II), which had a significant impact on me.

#2 Apollo

#3 Madame De Pompadour

Finding a picture that resembles the historical figure takes the most time when picking a character.I spend hours searching image databases and researching historical figures’ appearances until I get the correct image.The time it takes varies widely depending on the piece, but each reconstruction may take up to 2 hours, which is little compared to AI-only techniques, which can take days to months.

#4 Fayum Mummy Portrait

#5 Hatsheput, Pharaoh

Regardless of how regular and boring the AI portrays these great and historical figures, I feel they were truly unique.No matter how ordinary they appear, we will always remember that they have carved a place in history, and the aura of their historical significance never truly dissipates unless it is utterly forgotten.This time, I’m more pleased with my job than I was the prior time, and I can clearly see the improvement since the previous time.

#6 Saint Joseph

#7 Lucifer

#8 Leonardo Da Vinci

#9 Joan Of Arc

#10 Isaac Newton

#11 Queen Nefertiti

#12 Statue Of Liberty

#13 Caligula

#14 Zeus

#15 Turin’s Holy Shroud

#16 Saladin, Sultan Of Egypt And Syria

#17 Aphrodite

#18 Isabel, Princess Imperial Of Brazil

#19 Johan Sebastian Bach

#20 Ludwig Van Beethoven

#21 Christina Of Denmark

#22 Frederic Chopin

#23 Antonio Vivaldi

#24 Katherine Swynford

#25 Costanza Bonarelli, Noblewoman, Merchant And Art Dealer

#26 Mary Shelley

#27 Michelangelo’s David

#28 Mary, Queen Of Scots

#29 Miss Edith Corse Evans

#30 Livia Drusilla

#31 Cleopatra

#32 “The Sacred Heart Of Mary”

#33 Lady Of Elche

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  1. Lovely!
    Not sure where Katherine Swynford came from though as that is not a picture of her. There isn’t a portrait of her that I know of. She was meant to be exceptionally beautiful as well. That woman isn’t. It would be interesting to see an image of John of Gaunt though.


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