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Paintings with tiny figures are created on the canvas of a creative artist’s hand.

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Golsa Golchini, an Italian artist, is recognized for creating little masterpieces on unique canvases. Her most recent project is turning her own hand into a work of art. Her fingers, palm, and wrist are covered in lifelike renderings of small persons, animals, objects, and settings in each iteration of this concept.

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The unconventionality of Golchini’s canvas is used to the benefit of the concept. Many of her strange compositions are brought to life by the way they interact with her body. In one painting, for example, the artist paints around two of her fingers to make them appear like legs. In another instance, she wraps a little silver chain around her middle finger to appear to suspend a single swing inhabited by a blue-haired girl.

The constraints of painting on a bodily component do not appear to restrict Golchini’s creativity. Instead, her series demonstrates that one may apply an infinite number of paintings on one’s own skin, some of which are fairly basic. Her picture, which depicts a herd of cows “eating” the green paint on her palm, cleverly integrates unpainted parts. A single woman washing away the blue paint in the center of her palm is depicted in another hand painting.

Golchini’s original paintings and prints are available for purchase through her Return of Art website, and you can keep up with her current efforts by following her on Instagram.

Golsa Golchini, an Italian artist, embellishes odd canvases with miniature creatures and animals.

Her most recent series is painting themes on her own hand.

This clever concept results in a variety of intriguing and entertaining compositions.

Paint and negative space may be used to convey a tale by an innovative artist.

Golsa Golchini: Shop | Instagram



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