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People from classical paintings are inserted into modern reality by an artist, and they fit perfectly (25 New Pics)

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Have you ever considered how much things have changed?We didn’t have to travel back very far in time to see certain elements that are now entirely different.Who knew, for example, that a cell phone could do a thousand things?Who’d have guessed that we’d be able to fly using planes, view moving images on a square box that is now TV, and so much more?We can only speculate on how humans managed to survive without all of the modern conveniences.

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But what if we combine two entirely distinct periods of time?One Ukrainian artist went so far as to do just that.Alexey Kondakov is his name, and he chose to bring figures from classical paintings into the present world.Alexey was able to construct new meanings by combining two disparate picture parts.You might not be able to look at art or your everyday surroundings the same way after reading this post.

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We reached out to Alexey to see how his career has progressed since our last story.Big news feeds like Bored Panda, according to the artist, have absolutely helped him believe in himself.”However, I may urge artists to be more consistent in their work.

Consistency will aid in distinguishing you from other artists and preparing an engaging news/gallery of artworks for publishing.So you’ll need 50 recognized bits, from which you may choose 10-15 for the article.”



For the time being, “The Daily Life of Gods” occupies the majority of Alexey’s time.Last year, the artist began work on a new album/book that would include all of his artwork from the beginning through the end of 2020.Alexey said that he, too, aspired to be a DJ, so he began collecting vinyl records and is currently learning to play them.

This year, the artist also intends to travel more.Hopefully, the epidemic will provide us everyone the opportunity to go to different countries and get as many new experiences as possible.



Alexey enjoys creating new pieces of art.”Being an artist is difficult labor with many operational responsibilities, but because all aspects of the creative process are a part of my main career and favorite project, I find it simple to drive myself to get things done.”



The musician said that this endeavor taught him a lot about marketing, sales, communication, song composing, and working with many mediums.Aside from his many hobbies, Alexey has an ambition of directing a movie clip, which he hopes to accomplish in the near future.



When asked how long it takes to complete a fully finished piece of artwork, the artist said that he occasionally sees an old piece of artwork and immediately understands what type of tale he wants to portray.

“Then it takes some time to create the correct backdrop image; this procedure can take a day, but it can also take a year to get the right background.Photoshopping, on the other hand, takes a couple of hours, in my opinion.”

















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