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Reversed roles, how would animals feel if they switch places with humans?

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The world is a mix of both good and evil. While some do acts of kindness, someone else does things that hurt others badly. It is common among both humans and animals. But when considering animals, they do most of the acts for their survival which is not the same for humans.

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Most humans consider animals as something inferior to them. They not only take animals as food but also for personal benefits like pleasure. Humans entrap them in cages to admire their beauty or train them for circuses. Hunting is a hobby followed by certain humans, and they treat animals harshly in these games. They chase creatures like foxes relentlessly to hunt them down to get some pleasure out of that inhumane act.

The saddest thing about these situations is that people do not feel any remorse regarding how poorly they treat these creatures. And, they don’t care about animals’ feelings and altogether refuse to admit that animals are also a part of nature with the same rights to live in the world as humans do.

For a moment, think how it would be if everything were to change.

How would it be if animals play the part of humans while humans play the role of animals?

Would it be as pleasurable as it is right now?

As a talented German artist, Barbara Daniel’s perspective of current situations of the world differs from other’s ideas. And she is not afraid to present her thoughts to the world.

So, Barbara created a set of illustrations in which she has switched the roles of animals and humans. Her idea was to question people about their treatment of animals and whether it is morally correct to treat animals the way they do in the current world.

On her official website, Barbara Daniels Art, explaining her illustrations, she questions how we would feel if another species dominated us. She has mentioned that she wanted to show people how the world would like with animals as dominators and humans at their mercy. Barbara also says that she created her artwork, drawing inspiration from real-world situations to answer all these questions.

Go through these illustrations below and see whether you agree with Barbara. Then, rethink the way you treat animals and aim to love them instead of hurting them. That way, we can make a better world where any living being can live without fear or sorrow.

#01. Human Fish for Sale

#02. Walk in the Park

#03. Disaster at the Zoo

#04. Circus is in the Town

#05. Stunt of the Hour

#06. Human Fights

#07. Seasonal Hunting

#08. World Shearing Championship

#09. What’s Christmas dinner?

#10. Folks Motel

#11. Protesting

#12. Save Humans, No More Abuse

#13. 49 days Broilers

#14. Man Trap

#15. Adopt Kids, Pay First

#16. Mind Relaxing Man Tanks

#17. Artificial Insemination

#18. Pest Controlling

#19. Day in a supermarket



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