HomeArtThese 14 Illustrations show What Would Happen If Superheroes Had Babies

These 14 Illustrations show What Would Happen If Superheroes Had Babies

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People often say Like Father Like Son, and we know that is true in our own experiences also. So this comic artist wanted to prove this scenario furthermore.

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Lucas Eduardo Nascimento is a Brazilian illustrator who creates comics featuring our favorite superheroes and cartoon characteristics. And his uniqueness and creativity have gathered 96 k followers on Instagram and over 110k on Facebook around him. As one of his new projects, he has created these hilarious but adorable babies of our superheroes and their first encounter at the maternity ward. From Spiderman to Deadpool, each one goes after their fathers. It is really funny to see how much trouble they are making in the ward and clearly are major headaches to the nurse.

Just have a look and check whether you can spot the superhero babies hidden in each illustration.

By looking at them, everyone will wish to have these mini versions of our superheroes in movies and cartoons. And these comics are showing how their fathers are proud of their babies, which is so natural. And these unique creations of Lucas have not only created a huge fan base for him but also caught the attention of famous American comic creators and fathers of many superheroes Stan Lee. He has shared Luca’s artworks on his social media, which is a dream come true situation for this artist. So we are sure that you will also love his creations. No matter you are a fan of cute babies or superheroes, these comics are impossible not to fall in love with them. Scroll through the gallery below to cheer you up, and do not forget to share your ideas with us also.

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