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This online group has shared 30 jokes and memes about the 1990s that today’s kids would not get.

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Even though I’m content with my current situation, I miss the 1990s and my youth. When I’m feeling down, I watch old cartoons, get out my GameBoy color, and walk outside, trying to regain the spirit of adventure that every child has when they’re young. Though it might just be my rose-colored glasses, I honestly believe the 1990s were a better, more peaceful era—especially in comparison to how difficult and confused current life is.

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If you grew up in the 1990s, we’ve got a huge dose of nostalgia for you today.The r/90s subreddit is a prominent online community that publishes articles and photos about “anything about the 1990s.” Scroll down and upvote your favorite photos, then tell us what you miss most about the ’90s in the comments.

#1 If You Were Born Before 90’s You’ll Get It !

#2 But Are You This Old?

#3 Latchkey Kids Unite!

In a pair of wonderful conversations with child and adolescent therapist Kemi Omijeh, who is located in London and a member of the BACP, I’d gone into depth about nostalgia for the past.

“Our recollections of the past might alter over time depending on how frequently we revisit them and what is going on in our lives right now,” the therapist explained.

#4 I Agree, You Also Agree Guys?

#5 Any Other 1990’s Kid Can Relate?

#6 McDonald’s Needs To Redesign

She made a joke about it “Of course, the 1990s were superior! But then again, I may be biased in this case.” Our perceptions of each decade, according to Kemi, are strongly impacted by who we were at the time. “In general, the better decade is connected with youth and independence.

Nostalgia frequently offers us rose-colored spectacles through which to look back. “How we look back on previous decades might influence how we connect with the present decade,” she says.

#7 Filters 90s Style

#8 Windows 98

#9 Kids These Days Will Never Know The Struggle

#10 Accurate!

#11 This One Speaks To Me And I’m Showing My Age

#12 I Can’t Look Away

“Nostalgia may also be a healthy coping mechanism for times of low mood and problems,” she noted, cautioning, however, that if it prevents us from living in the present, we should be concerned.

“If we end up comparing it to our current experiences and feeling that nothing compares, our mood and ability to perform what we need to do will certainly suffer.”

We can get lost in our nostalgia, in which case it’s essential to seek therapy from a professional who can help you process your past so you can appreciate your present,” she added.

#13 It’s The Right Thing To Do!

#14 This Was A Huge Thing Back Then For Sure! Just Had To Look Out Your Window.

#15 Movie Time In School

#16 Goals

#17 Remember This?

#18 Wish I Could Experience This Again

#19 Pretty Much

#20 I Always Imagine Them Inside A Cheese Grater

#21 I Was ….dressed In A Similar Fashion Sense Those Days.

#22 Hello There, Tim

#23 Silly Erasers That Never Worked.

#24 Is That True?

#25 Who’s With Me?

#26 The Good Ol’ Days

#27 Who Remembers These?

#28 After 9 And Weekends, Plus $.10 A Text

#29 Gather Round, Children, While I Tell You Of Bath Beads

#30 Fridays At Blockbuster

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