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Tattoo artist uses art to help people regain their confidence by covering their scars.

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Although all bodies are beautiful, persons who have visible scars frequently struggle to feel self-assured. A Vietnamese tattoo artist known as Ngoc Like Tattoo covers undesirable markings with body art in order to aid ladies who have burns, scars, and other imperfections on their skin. Cover-up tattoos by the exceptional artist not only look great, but they also help her customers restore their confidence.

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“Every woman is lovely,” Ngoc recently told Vietnamese media. “I don’t want any lady to struggle with her scars.” Over big markings left by cesarean sections, wounds, or procedures, she paints vibrant flower patterns and animal-inspired themes. Each pattern is meticulously designed to exactly fit and integrate into her customers’ skin, making it impossible to see scars beneath.

Tattoos have always been frowned upon in Vietnam, thus Ngoc’s work is especially notable. On Facebook, Ngoc adds, “It is my wish that our experiences will offer people a fresh view on the art of tattooing, about its not only superficial but also spiritual healing ability.” “I am ecstatic that I am able to help decrease the stigma associated with tattooing in Vietnam, as well as inspire so many individuals who are battling with their scars to stand up, take responsibility, close their wounds with meaningful art, and live the joyful and fulfilled lives that we all deserve.”

Scroll down to see some of Ngoc’s scar cover-up tattoos and find more of her work on Facebook.

Vietnamese artist Ngoc is known for covering women’s scars, burns, and other blemishes with tattoos.

Her cover-up tattoos not only look beautiful, but they help her clients regain confidence.

Ngoc Like Tattoo: Facebook

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