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Verauko is a Polish cartoonist that creates cartoons that are both humorous and realistic.

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Life will forever remain a mystery. How come? since nothing in our lives can be predicted. Though not all of them are wonderful, it is full of surprises. As we age, we become more and more aware that reality does not always conform to our expectations. The unpleasant reality is that our daydreams don’t always line up with the real world, despite the fact that many individuals have grown up in a culture that constantly creates ideal models and dream lives. That’s how life is! Let’s be honest.

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What should you anticipate from this article then? Here is a list of more than 20 Verauko comics that could make you face the depressing reality of how things are. Maybe one of these humorous photos will include you.

Natalia Trykowska, a Polish graphic designer and digital artist, goes by the pseudonym “Verauko” and resides and works in London, the United Kingdom. Because she is intelligent and stylish, this young woman is on the rise. She is currently a popular novelist. Do you understand what makes her so prosperous? It entails honing artistic skills, producing more ideas, and leveraging social media’s influence. One platform where her comics received greater attention was Instagram. But we’re not the only ones who enjoy Verauko’s illustrations. She also has more than 62K Instagram followers.

Coming up with an idea is the most difficult aspect of creating art for Natalia and other artists. She has an excellent intuition of how things will turn out, which is advantageous. But when forced to think of a story, she is at a loss for words. Because of this, the majority of her comics are based on amusing or unpleasant events in her daily life. She so depicts actual events in her drawings, and there are no restrictions on what she might depict. Verauko is also unique among artists. She graduated from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology with a Bachelor of Arts, and her humorous and meticulous graphics demonstrate her talent. Reading her comics is a wise decision.

Let these Verauko comics now demonstrate what everyday living is really like. They may expose you to the harsh reality, but they will make you laugh rather than cry. Take a peek at her adorable and original photos below.

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