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What if animals and birds were covered with flower petals and leaves instead of feathers and fur?

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Nature is full of wonders. We, humans, are a part of nature too. The wonderfulness that nature has given us is an amazing thinking ability to defeat all other creatures living on planet earth. With that wonderful ability, people turn their ideas into extraordinary creations.

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Here we are going to talk about such extraordinary creations of an artistic soul named Josh Dykgraaf, a photographic illustrator in the profession.

As we talked about even early, pandemic lockdown brings out most of people’s hidden artistic ability in unbelievable ways with simple things found nearby. Josh also tried something new while covid pandemic, which once was just a slight idea in his mind.

That fantastic idea was to illustrate animals and birds with flower petals and leaves. “ As the initiation, I looked for flowers, leaves and plants seems fit to the purpose and then started shooting them in different angles and using different backgrounds. Even I made a temporary studio at kitchen just for this project as I couldn’t travel away due to lockdown” Josh says.

The illustrations are pretty awesome though, the work was pretty complicated. It takes 30-60 hours per illustration with 2000-3000 photoshop layers to get the perfect shape of the particular creature’s anatomy and the features like scales or feathers with the captured flower petals and leaves.

Aren’t you really curious where did this unique idea come from, for one’s mind? While Josh was photographing images for a project in the swiss alps, noticed that a rock formation mirrors an elephant’s skin. That’s how this extraordinary idea was planted in his mind, what if animals and birds were covered with flower petals and leaves instead of feathers and fur.

Now that thought became a series of elegant creations and he titles the series as ‘Terraform’ and still continues making more beautiful illustrations.

Follow him on Instagram to glimpse his new terraforms.

And leaves look just like colorful feathers.

Josh Dykgraaf: Website | Instagram | Behance



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